General terms and conditions

Article I.

  1. Seller/supplier of goods and services - ITeON s.r.o., Němcovej 30, 040 01, Košice, Slovak Republic; company ID: 46346881.
  2. E-shop is run by ITeON s.r.o., Němcovej 30, 040 01 Košice, Slovak Republic; company ID: 46346881.
  3. Buyer - every visitor who has created a binding order.
  4. Consumer - for the purposes of the Act (in particular Act No. 102/2014 Z.z.) is a natural person who does not act in the course of his business, employment or occupation.
  5. E-shop - a publicly available computer system in the internet that allows ordering of goods and services at a distance.
  6. Goods/services - all products published in e-shop that can be ordered and have a price greater than 0€.
  7. Buyers fully recognize electronic communications - primarily through e-commerce and e-mail. It is needed to by undisputed that the seller communicates with the buyer or his authorized person.
  8. The relationship between the seller and the buyer, which arises otherwise than by means of electronic devices at a distance and is not a relationship between the information society service provider and the recipient of the information society services, applies these general business conditions only to the extent necessary to the legal and logical order of the case, unless otherwise agreed between them.

Article II.

  1. All prices quoted for goods and services are final including 20% VAT.
  2. The seller is bound by the price stated in the e-shop at the time of purchase.

Article III.
Purchase order

  1. The order is created by confirmed the ordering process in the e-shop by selecting goods or services by the buyer (including complete filling in the order form and sending it to the seller). For correct confirming of the order, it is necessary to fill in the required data in the order and to choose the transport options and the payment for ordered goods or services.
  2. Buyers agree with the price of ordered goods and services by sending the order.
  3. The order is binding for the buyer.
  4. The order is a proposal to conclude a sales contract with the seller.
  5. The "Received order" e-mail is automatically sent to the buyer after the order has been confirmed by him. It informs that the buyer's order has been delivered to the seller by the e-shop for next processing. This e-mail is not an confirmation of the order by the seller.
  6. Confirmation of the order by the seller creates a purchase contract. The purchase contract may be amended or supplemented only by mutual agreement between the buyer or the seller. At the same time, an "Order confirmed" e-mail is sent to the buyer.
  7. If the seller cancels the order, the buyer is informed by the information email "Order canceled".
  8. The seller can reject the order if:
    1. is unable to complete the order or part of it within the time limit for ordering the order with the maximum effort due to:
      1. if goods are no longer manufactured,
      2. if the goods are not available from the manufacturer or external supplier's warehouse,
      3. if the manufacturer has made significant changes to the goods,
      4. intervention of a greater will
    2. if the buyer has entered incorrect, incomplete, untrue or misleading information (e.g., incorrect email, phone number, or address) in your order,
  9. If the buyer has paid the advance, the seller must return it within 14 days.

Article IV.
Payment and delivery terms

  1. Goods and services can be paid in the following ways:
    1. online payment (hereinafter "Online Payment"):
      1. credit or debit card (eg Visa or Mastercard) through the GoPay payment gateway,
      2. payment based on an advance invoice on the seller's account (the goods will be sent after the payment has been credited to the seller's account).
  2. The seller may provide the buyer with:
    1. discount for repeat purchases,
    2. discount based on a coupon,
    3. quantitative discount,
    4. another discount.
  3. Discounts can not be accumulated.
  4. The seller is obliged to send the goods to the buyer within 30 days of making the order, unless otherwise agreed.
  5. If the goods are on stock, they are dispatched according to their capacity in the shortest possible time.
  6. If there are several goods or services in the order and part of them is not in stock, the seller informs the buyer of the possibility of partial deliveries.
  7. When goods are dispatched, the invoice (tax document) is sent to the buyer as well as other documents for the goods or service from the manufacturer.
  8. The place of supply is the place where the goods are delivered.
  9. The seller makes the transport to the buyer through:
    1. the GLS courier company ("GLS courier"),
    2. the DPD courier company ("DPD courier"),
    3. the DHL courier company ("DHL courier").

Article V.
Charges for transportation, packing and payment options

  1. Prices for deliveries are listed in the table below:
Country Delivery and payment option Price including 20% VAT Purchase value including 20% VAT
Belgium DHL courier, online payment 17,94€ any order
Bulgaria DPD courier, online payment 8,34€ 0 - 98,99€
Bulgaria DPD courier, online payment 0,00€ 99€ and more
Croatia GLS courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
Denmark GLS courier, online payment 35,94€ any order
Estonia DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
Finland DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
France GLS courier, online payment 35,94€ any order
Holland DHL courier, online payment 17,94€ any order
Hungary DPD courier, online payment 5,94€ 0 - 98,99€
Hungary DPD courier, online payment 0,00€ 99€ and more
Ireland GLS courier, online payment 35,94€ any order
Italy GLS courier, online payment 14,94€ any order
Latvia DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
Lithuania DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
Luxemburg DHL courier, online payment 17,94€ any order
Poland DPD courier, online payment 5,94€ 0 - 98,99€
Poland DPD courier, online payment 0,00€ 99€ and more
Portugal DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
Romania DPD courier, online payment 7,14€ 0 - 98,99€
Romania DPD courier, online payment 0,00€ 99€ and more
Slovenia DHL courier, online payment 11,94€ any order
Spain DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
Sweden DHL courier, online payment 23,94€ any order
  1. The seller may agree to a buyer other than a standard shipping procedure and a different shipping charge.
  2. The seller may send goods immediately available to the buyer and deliver the remaining part of the order additionally within the statutory time limit, provided however that no additional postage will be charged to the buyer, other than that included in the order.

Article VI.
Transfer of ownership

  1. Ownership rights pass from the seller to the buyer at the moment of taking over the item from the seller or carrier.

Article VII.
Purchase contract cancellation

  1. To cancel the ordered goods or service, the buyer has the right within 24 hours of the creation of the purchase contract without a cancellation fee.

Article VIII.
The right of the consumer to return the goods without giving any reason

  1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods if the seller has fulfilled the information obligations.
  2. If the purchase contract is the delivery of the goods, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract even before the goods are delivered.
  3. The consumer is obliged to deliver the written withdrawal from the purchase contract at the latest on the last day of the specified time to the contact address of the seller during his opening hours or to resign to the postal shipment no later than the last day of the deadline to the address mentioned in contacts, or such exercise of the right can also be applied in the form of registration on another durable medium. The consumer is required to send or deliver personally the subject of the contract after the notice of withdrawal, together with all the documentation - the original of the invoice, instructions and other documentation relating to the goods delivered to him with the goods, but not later than 14 days after the day of resignation (§10 paragraph 1 of the Act). We advise buyers to make a copy of the invoice for their own use and send the goods as recommended and as an insured item. To withdraw from the contract, you can use the following withdrawal form (Odstup.pdf).
  4. Do not send us goods on cost on delivery - this shipment will not be taken over. We recommend sending the goods as registered mail.
  5. The e-shop operator returns the paid service for the goods and/or service, including the transport costs in accordance with the provisions of art. §9 ods. 3) of Act no. 102/2014 Z.z. as well as the costs proven to be incurred for ordering the goods within 14 days from the date of delivery of the withdrawal, but he does not have to return the money before the goods are delivered to him or the consumer does not prove the goods to be dispatched, this does not apply if the seller has suggested he pick up the goods himself.
  6. The cost of returning goods is borne by the consumer.
  7. The right of return does not apply to goods and services as defined in §7 par. Article 6 a) to l) of Act no. 102/2014. Z.z.
  8. The consumer shall bear any reduction in the value of the goods caused by its use beyond what is necessary to establish the functionality and properties of the goods.

Article IX.
Rights and obligations of the parties

  1. The seller and buyer are considered to be parties to the contract.
  2. Buyer is required:
    1. get ordered goods,
    2. to pay for the goods received the agreed remuneration to the seller,
    3. check the integrity of the packaging, even the goods themselves when they are taken over.
  3. The seller is required to:
    1. deliver the goods to the customer in the required quality, quantity and at the agreed price,
    2. send to the buyer all documents related to the goods, such as the goods invoice, the complaint sheet, the operating instructions in English.

Article X.

  1. Personal data are processed in accordance with the law no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the Protection of Personal Data as amended.
  2. The operator does not provide the buyer's personal data to a third party, except for the selected shipping company that provides the delivery of the goods or services, or to the state authorities in the case of a check, or an intermediary, on the basis of the mutual agreement concluded pursuant to Act no. 18/2018 Z.z.
  3. The operator is obliged to provide personal data before being made available to unauthorized persons, by adopting appropriate technical and organizational measures. Also, all employees of the operator are obliged to observe confidentiality in relation to personal data.
  4. The person concerned has the rights defined in accordance with the provisions of art. § 19 et seq. Of Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the protection of personal data, as amended, namely:
    1. the right to information that is contained in such content and business terms,
    2. the right to request access to personal data relating to the person concerned - Section 21 of the Act rests on your right to request how and for what purposes your data is processed, addressing this request to a contact email.
    3. the right to rectify personal data - Section 22 of the Act allows you to correct your personal data if it is outdated,
    4. the right to delete personal data - Section 23 of the Act shall be used if you do not wish the data controller to further process personal data,
    5. the right to limit the processing of personal data - Section 24 of the Act shall apply if you believe that personal data has been processed in contravention of the law,
    6. the right to object to the processing of personal data - Section 27 of the Act,
    7. the right to portability of personal data,
    8. the right to initiate the supervisory authority in relation to the processed personal data.
  5. Operator from the buyer obtains the following personal information: name, surname, delivery address, billing address, phone number and e-mail address that are processed to properly fit your order. These personal data are kept for 10 years for archiving purposes. As part of the ordering process, personal data are processed in order to issue invoices, issue delivery notes, transport security and bookkeeping.
  6. These pages record your IP address, time information, how much time you spend by viewing this site, and information about what site you are coming from. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and are also used to measure page traffic and customize pageviews, and with these files we can offer you better services. That is why we perceive these files as our legitimate interest. Some cookies are third-party files, e.g. Google, Facebook, and so on.
  7. You can delete your cookies at any time, or set them up directly in your browser settings. If you want to refuse to collect cookies, set it up in your internet browser.
  8. If the buyer demonstrably accepted the processing of personal data in the e-shop for e-mail marketing purposes, he agreed to send e-mail messages to the contact e-mail address.
  9. Personal data for e-mail marketing purposes in the range of name and surname, e-mail address are provided for a maximum of five years. These personal data are not provided to third parties.
  10. Your consent may be revoked by the Buyer at any time by sending an Appeal to the Processing of Personal Data, which is immediately deleted. We will no longer use your personal data for your e-mail marketing purposes.

Article XI.
Repayment of damages in case of non-receipt of goods

  1. The seller has the right to compensation for damages (according to the provisions of Section 420 et seq. Of the Civil Code), in the event that the buyer ordered goods that he did not or respectively. has not withdrawn from the contract and, at the same time, has not taken over the goods from the carrier or, upon a call from the seller, has not taken delivery of the goods within the specified time limit for collection. In doing so, the purchaser breached his obligation under Art. IX (2) (a), under which the buyer is obliged to take over the ordered goods.
  2. In determining the amount of damages, the seller takes into account, in particular, the transport costs and the associated charges in the case of dispatch of goods, the costs of packing, dispatching and administering the order as well as all other costs incurred by him in carrying out the order in question. lost profit.
  3. The seller is also entitled not to claim the right to compensation or to claim this right only in part.

Article XII.
Final provisions

  1. The seller reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions and advertising terms without prior notice from the buyer. In the event of a change in the general terms or conditions of advertising, the entire purchase process is governed by the General Terms and Conditions that were in effect at the time the Purchaser sent the Purchase Order and are available on the Seller's website.
  2. An Inclusive Component of these Terms of Business is also the Terms of Claim.
  3. By sending the order, the buyer read the General Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms of Claim.
  4. These Terms of Business and Terms of Claim are available at the company's office for viewing by buyers as well as published on the e-shop website.
  5. If the consumer is not satisfied with the seller's handling of his claim or if he believes that the seller has breached his rights, he is able to contact the seller for a remedy. If the seller answers or fails to respond to a request for redress within 30 days of the date of dispatch, the consumer has, in accordance with § 12 of Act no. 391/2015 Z.z. on the alternative solution of consumer disputes and on the amendment of some laws the right to make a proposal to start an alternative solution to its dispute. The relevant business entity for alternative dispute resolution with the e-shop operator is the Slovak Trade Inspection ( or other relevant legal entity registered in the List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Bodies maintained by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, where the consumer has the right to choose which of these alternative consumer dispute resolution . At the same time, the consumer can use the on-line dispute resolution platform available at to submit a proposal for an alternative dispute resolution.
  6. Otherwise unrelated relationships in these general business conditions as in their inseparable components (annexes) are governed by the relevant provisions of, in particular, 40/1964 Zb., Zákon č. 250/2007 Zz, Act no. 102/2014 Zz, Act no. 122/2013 Zz, Act no. 22/2004 Z.z. as well as Act no. 513/1991 Z.z.
  7. In the case of a different contract with a Buyer with other terms, the terms of the contract have priority over the General Business Terms.
  8. These General Business Terms and Conditions, including their inseparable parts, will enter into force and effect on 01.08.2021.


Return policy

an integral part of the General Business Terms

  1. Only goods that have been purchased from the seller and are the property of the consumer can be claimed.
  2. If the buyer is a consumer (a natural person who does not carry out his / her business, occupation or occupation), a warranty of 24 months is provided for all goods offered unless the goods are otherwise stated and processed under the Consumer Protection Act; The Civil Code and these Complaints. If the buyer ordered the used item and was informed by the buyer, the warranty period is 12 months. If the buyer is not a consumer, this is done in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and the warranty period is 1 year and these claims are not covered by these Terms of Claim.
  3. The warranty period begins on the date of receipt of the goods from the shipping company or directly from the seller if the goods are taken over by the buyer in person, on the day of its takeover.
  4. The buyer is obliged to apply the claim immediately to the seller immediately after the defect is discovered.
  5. Liability for defects does not apply to defects caused by the following use:
    1. the defect caused by mechanical damage to the product caused by the buyer,
    2. misuse of the product in a manner other than that specified in the instructions for use,
    3. the use of the goods under conditions that do not reflect their humidity, the chemical and mechanical effects of the natural environment of the goods according to the instructions,
    4. neglect of care and maintenance of goods,
    5. excessive damage to goods,
    6. use of the goods in violation of the conditions stated in the documentation, general principles, technical standards or safety regulations or any other breach of warranty conditions.
  6. Defects resulting from natural disasters are also excluded from the liability for defects.
  7. Liability for defects also does not apply to the normal wear and tear of goods (or parts thereof) caused by the use of the goods. A defect can not be considered as a result of the nature of the case, the length of its minimum durability or the period of consumption, which may be limited to a shorter period of time. Minimum shelf-life, shelf-life, consumption or similar time is indicated on the item and subject to such marking.
  8. Claimed goods must be sent to our address below, but not to the delivery or personally to the contact address. The goods must be properly packed so that the goods are not damaged during transport and we recommend that the goods be sent by registered mail or by registered mail. A copy of the purchase receipt (invoice) and description of the defect must be attached to the goods, or we recommend that you attach the completed Claim Form together with the purchase receipt. Claims must be sent only in writing (by post) or in person (not by email).
  9. The seller confirms the receipt of the claim and gives the buyer a receipt to claim the goods in the appropriate form. The day of delivery of the claim is the delivery date to the seller. If it is not possible to deliver the receipt immediately, it must be delivered without undue delay, but at the latest with the proof of proof. Your claim confirmation will be sent in writing.
  10. The seller is required to determine how the claim can be claimed immediately, in complex cases within 3 days of the date of the claim. In justified cases, especially if complex technical recovery of the goods is required no later than 30 days after the date of the claim. After determining the way the complaint is handled, the seller resells the complaint immediately, and in justified cases the complaint can be reclaimed later. However, the claim may not be longer than 30 days from the date of the claim. After the 30-day deadline for claim settlement, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and will be reimbursed the full amount for the goods or has the right to exchange the goods for a new one.
  11. Buyer's rights to claim:
    1. in the case of a defect that can be remedied, the buyer has the right to be removed free of charge, timely and properly, and this defect must be removed without undue delay,
    2. the buyer may, instead of removing the defect, request the exchange of the thing, or the defect only concerns part of the thing, the replacement of the part and the seller does not incur disproportionate costs in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the defect,
    3. the seller may, instead of removing the defect, replace the defective thing as the perfect thing if the buyer does not cause serious difficulties,
    4. in the case of a defect which can not be eliminated and which prevents the proper use of the case, the buyer has the right to exchange the item or to withdraw from the contract. The buyer also has the same right in the case of removable defects, but if the buyer can not properly use the defects after repair or for more defects,
    5. in the case of other non-removable defects, the buyer is entitled to an appropriate discount on the price of the thing.
  12. Complaints are deemed to be provided if the claim is terminated by handing over the goods complained of, by exchanging or returning the purchase price of the goods, by a written request for the execution of the performance or by reasoned refusal.
  13. Complaints are deemed to have been provided when claims are terminated by returning the goods (by replacement, repair) by returning the purchase price of the goods, by providing a reasonable discount or by reasoned refusal. The consumer is informed of the outcome of the complaint procedure within the statutory time limit.
  14. Do not damage the goods, respectively. the integrity of the packaging (according to the instructions for picking up the goods) should be checked during picking up of the goods as the goods may be damaged during transport. We recommend buyers to unpack the goods and see them in the presence of the carrier. By signing the courier you declare that the packaging is undamaged.
  15. These Complaints are an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions, and the Seller reserves the right to change them at any time without prior notice from the Seller.
  16. Contact ITeON, s.r.o., Němcovej 30, 040 01 Kosice, Slovak republic |


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